Marvelous Mouseketeers

Fantastic Fish

Welcome to our 3 ½ to 5 year-old classroom!

After graduating from the non-potty trained class your child will begin learning the skills necessary for a smooth and confident Kindergarten transition with the Marvelous Mouseketeers.

Alphabet, colors, numbers and shapes are included in each week’s curriculum and are introduced through: arts and crafts, music and movement, stories, games, science, cooking, seasonal themes, and writing and language arts.

Language Arts Curriculum

Throughout the year your child will develop skills in upper/lower case letter recognition, tracing and writing upper/lower case letters, phonics (letter sounds) using the Zoo Phonics program.

Storytime, sharing, and story comprehension will help your child foster a life-long love of reading, increase attention span and prepare them for Kindergarten benchmarks.

Pre-Math Curriculum

Your child will develop math skills in shapes, number recognition with one-to-one correspondence, sorting, categorizing and measuring.

Motor Development includes

  • Gross motor skills: hopping, balance beam, tricycles, tossing and catching a ball.
  • Fine motor skills: scissors, painting, holding a pencil and manipulatives.
  • Sensory Perception: tasting, seeing, hearing, touching and smelling.