Terrific Turtles

Outstanding Owls

Welcome to our 2 ½ to 3 ½-year-old classroom!

This room is equipped for non-potty trained children.  We will be working with you throughout the year to get your child comfortable using the potty independently.

Understanding that this may be your child’s first regular group experience with children their own age, we strive to make the transition from home life to school life an enjoyable and positive experience.

Each child will have many opportunities to explore and express themselves creatively, to think and act independently, and to develop confidence in their ideas and abilities.

The Terrific Turtles curriculum prepares children by creating learning experiences through the use of:

  • Music
  • Shapes
  • Science
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Nature
  • Bible stories
  • Alphabet
  • Arts and crafts
  • Motor skills
  • Inside/outside play

The Terrific Turtles also have a penchant for parties and seasonal class decorations!

Outstanding Owls Thanksgiving Party 2015 Dublin California Preschools Joy Preschool

Classroom Thanksgiving celebration complete with turkey and all the fixin’s!

Outstanding Owls Creative Classroom Dublin California Preschools Christmas Classroom decorations

Transforming the classroom into a magical winter wonderland, complete with student-artwork-decorated gingerbread house!

Outstanding Owls Valentine's Day Party celebration Dublin California Preeschool Joy Preschool

Super-cute decorations and student artwork at the Valentine’s Day party!